About this site

The National Broadband Map is provided by Internet New Zealand Inc. (InternetNZ) using data kindly supplied by a number of network providers and with the help and cooperation of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.


This site does not have 100% coverage of Internet availability as a small number of companies have not provided their data and so we can't make any guarantees. We continue to aim for 100% and welcome any provider of copper, fibre, mobile or wireless infrastructure to contact us. Furthermore, the data provided may not be 100% accurate as local conditions can often affect both availability and speed.

Data providers

This site would not have been possible without the generosity of the following companies who have provided us with data to use on this site:

Bulk access

If you are interested in bulk access then please contact us.

About InternetNZ

InternetNZ is a provider of critical Internet services, primarily the .nz register and DNS, and authoritative Internet data. The data providers have allowed us to use their data for this service because we are a trusted and neutral third-party.

InternetNZ is the non-profit open membership organisation with a vision of a better world through a better Internet. Its mission is to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses, and protect its potential. The provision of this map directly supports the following objects of InternetNZ:

If you wish to join InternetNZ or find out more about its activities then full details are on its website: InternetNZ | Keeping our Internet open and uncapturable.